Thank you for visiting our new site.

We hope you may take a few minutes to scan the various pages, rooms and options here. If anything is not clear, we equally hope that you will take a few more to let us know through the Contacts page. Indeed all and any thoughts on the new website would be welcome by myself and Sarah Willans of Zipfish who designed this site.

What you'll find

The site is divided into different sections each devoted to Richard’s various work interests: Writing (Non-fiction & Fiction), Art (Painting), and Wildlife (Ecology) . These top headings lead to more detail, of which there's an abundance for anyone who's interested, divided into smaller parcels to make it easier to get to the parts which might be of more interest.  

The Blog contains earlier 'Random and Topical Thoughts on Fine Art'.  In future it is the intention to use the WordPress 'Of Art & Painting' Blog for future mutterings and ramblings with an outline here.  These will be irregular - when something seems important - and we hope you will sign up to follow these. 

There are also links to Richard's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts at the foot of all pages.


 Please help stop the Badger Cull


Tom Langton has a degree in Ecology and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology.  He spends most of his time working as a volunteer for charities and small focus groups fighting to save protected wildlife by contributing to the Crowdfunding page.  Please help stop this appalling travesty of science in the name of politics.