Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy

Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy... so ART TREK finished amidst the general gloom and despondency with which it began but to be fair there was the odd fine day too. While not participating last year, my visitor numbers were slightly down on two years ago. I think partly due to the general financial depression surrounding art lovers but that said, those who did turn up were fully engaged and stayed for lengthy periods, chatting and drinking tea or coffee or the fantastic elderflower cordial made by Mij. The award to those who came farthest must I think go to

a GP and his wife who trekked up from Exeter, although perhaps the main award should go to Frank and Miranda Pollard who came twice. It turned out that Miranda is the great grand-daughter of famed Maltese painter Guiseppe Cali (1846-1953) who painted magnificent church murals in Malta (see and many others. They were my first visitors on an exceedingly wet Saturday morning who although coming only 15 miles, took an hour to get here. I am at the very edge of the area covered by Art Trek in North Devon, so anyone visiting has to make quite an effort if not local. I was very pleased with the few parish residents who came and I hope they may call again - Art Trek or not.

So now the studio is de-tidied, we've had a life class with the estimable Neville modelling, and the place has returned to its more usual inglorious and disreputable state, hence the title of this entry, which is the state I always aim at with varying degrees of success.

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