Confidence and Celebdom

Confidence & Celebdom

Sports folk talk of confidence... being in the zone etc.  Good (=professional) sport is a creative act;.  You have to be something of an artist  to rise above the mediocre: to see the possibilities, then not just see them but have the gumption, presence of mind, to articulate them.  The same thing here, art might be a solitary occupation but except for the naive recluse cannot exist and prosper in isolation. 

Confidence in an artistic enterprise comes from a feeling that you're not wasting your time, that you're contributing something of value.  Under isolation that has to come from others who approve of you and what you do - whether they like it or you or not.  Take that away and confidence wanes.  I used to believe that what I did had some worth beyond my own narrow self.  Now I'm not so sure but I'll keep on.

We live in a celebrity culture.  The work and philosophy of the non-celeb is worthless.  It doesn't matter how you achieved it, your name is all important.  Only by this way can a gardener introduce us to classical music.  The Unknown don't matter, they don't count, they don't  figure within our  compass.  We seem to have lost the ability to see things for what they are, to view critically, to appraise independently.  We need to be told.

I hope to live to see the day when quality is sufficient.  The only way this will be achieved is for some astute celebrity to tell us of it!  I still remember with affection the attempts of Jarvis Cocker to introduce a non-comprehending world to Outsider Art.  Rock on Jarvis!

- 20 February 2011 at 01:46pm

Jarvis is a genius but less of this hero worship.
Are we wasting our time?
I was told of a reknown Cornish painter who creates masterpieces in the morning and gets sloshed in the afternoon.5 masterpieces a week. I think thats shallow. However, he has a life, or does he?
I work in my studio as often as I can, experimenting. Sometimes creating a worthy piece, sometimes I have a mess on my hands. Suffering then from feelings of no worth, as a failed recluse.
But even if the work doesn't sell, I think that the effort I put into the making affects my personality somewhere along the line, making me a better person?? I think that as person who makes things, the idea of success has to be something different, but then it becomes tied up with other aspects of success and I think 'spoilt brat' is not far down the road.
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