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We took the bike down to the Camelford Gallery for an exhibition preview of Chris Thomas's impressive exhibition Documenting the New Build. The exhibition is exactly that, being new paintings recording a housing development adjacent to his studio in North Cornwall. From very understandable initial resentment, he decided to attempt a virtue out of the process and became part of it, even being accepted on site by the builders as a kind of hard-hatted, hi-viz 'artist-in-residence'. From my perspective, this took some guts.


During the course of building 21 'affordable homes' Chris produced a tumultuous body of work: starring large oil paintings (some 2-3 metres wide), mainly on board. It is not hard to imagine how, to a casual passer-by, Chris lumping these around the site would have looked exactly like one of the builders. There are also intense smaller studies exhibited and a portfolio of large charcoal drawings. My favourite of all is Study from the studio executed in February this year. - I wish I could afford it. 


Also produced is a comprehensive illustrated catalogue with a fascinating text produced to a very high standard. Something I could afford, and it seems mine was the very first to be sold at the Preview, which Chris was kind enough to sign for me: something I will treasure.


Gratitude is also due to gallery owner and artist John Blight for putting on the show at this gallery which, for me, exemplifies precisely what a gallery should be: something Rembrandt would have recognised as a real working artist-gallery with little concession to commercialism; in other words, not a 'picture shop' which so many so-called galleries actually are.


I'll stop there lest another rant begins!

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