Wishing everyone who reads or even just takes an occasional cursory glance at my ramblings about Art a terrific Christmas and prospectful (is that a word?) New Year.

I hope this 2012 painting of Sweetpeas (this year the first of many for various reasons that I haven't done one) infiltrated by a spray of Buddleia and an Iris flowerhead will help gird the loins until Spring.

Sweetpeas with a buddleia spray in a yellow jug

Please accept my grateful thanks to all who have contributed to these pages with your various and always insightful informed comments. Without these I couldn't go on... would find it hard to go on. I do hope that amongst all the words you have found something that intrigues, amuses, interests or even irritates you enough to carry on visiting next year. If not, then please let me know I won't bother you again - with regret but no hard feelings.

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