The Art of Germany

The Art of Germany

Andrew Graham-Dixon introduced his new series on this title by trying to describe the character traits which comprise the German.  He listed four couplets:

  1. Passion & precision,
  2. Craftsmanship & The impulsive gesture,
  3. A love of nature & a love of the machine, and
  4. A need for escape & a desire for control. 

Donner und blitzen!

- which is, apparently, a mix of German and Dutch, which is, apparently, a bit like me.  And I was slightly horrified to realise that each of these act ually is Me!  Is that possible?  Can all that be in my genes from the days of Luther and before? Does that somehow mesh with the Irish blarney and whatever other character traits lurk in their from my mother's side?  Or can all this simply apply to everyone?  Is it nothing more than a horoscope from which you take just what you want?  Maybe one way of assessing it is to make a list of 4 couplets being the antonyms of the above and see how well they fit.  I'll get on to that, and report back (if it throws up nothing too embarrassing).

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