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Workshop: a small and very exclusive group of four spent an enjoyable day at The Plough last week engaged in a Workshop regarding the semi-clothed human figure.

We tried to explore in a language of pure paint the human form - which we intrinsically of course know so well. A fantastically difficult thing to do, and all those present tackled it with great aplomb.

My thanks to the model Shan and everyone who made the day so fascinating (and challenging) for me too. I've received three nice comments so far and include them below. With their permission I will at some future date show the results of their work. I hope Dee, from whom I haven't yet heard, also enjoyed the day as much as everyone else seemed to. 

Dear Richard,

I loved the workshop thank you for the photos and all your hard work yesterday,

best wishes lynne


Hi Richard
Thank you very much for the email, and mostly for the wonderfully inspirational day on Friday. I loved every minute of it and would certainly love to do another course whenever you have one.

I don't know how the watermixable oils will survive the linseed paste, but it will be interesting. I shall certainly try the method again and order some paste.

I hope you manage to do as much painting as you wish and look forward to seeing you and your art regards


Dear Richard,

Many thanks for forwarding the photographs.

I very much enjoyed the work shop on friday and it was good to be pushed into trying completely different ways of painting. Am definitely going to try to work more loosely and try and get the paint strokes to do the talking!

With regards,



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