Aug 9

Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy

Clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy... so ART TREK finished amidst the general gloom and despondency with which it began but to be fair there was the odd fine day too. While not participating last year, my visitor numbers were slightly down on two years ago. I think partly due to the general financial depression surrounding art lovers but that said, those who did turn up were fully engaged and stayed for lengthy periods, chatting and drinking tea or coffee or the fantastic elderflower cordial made by Mij. The award to those who came farthest must I think go to

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Jul 7

Art Trek

ART TREKhas now begun, details on Home Page News. It rained all morning, and I had two visitors, but they

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Jun 11

A painting in only black & white

A painting in only black & white: I've uploaded a new painting and an explanation for it here under the painting entitled Milk in the Recent Work 'room'. Please have a look, and I'd be very grateful for any comments you care to make.

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Apr 10

Daffodils (new work) with a reference to Montaigne

The Daffodils have been glorious this year perhaps due to the early brilliant spring weather. I'd been studying Vincent's sunflowers and irises, and couldn't let the chance go while they were still blooming. They join the two portraits (shown below), on the left Seven on pale citrus, and on the right Thirteen on violet. See Latest Work for better resolution of all images.

Daffodils, seven, on a pale citrus groundDaffodils, thirteen, on a violet ground

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Mar 1

Preview of two new portraits

Preview of two new portraits... before they go into "Latest Work", when I'll include bigger resolution and details as usual. I've returned to working on small portraits lately. See below...

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