Nov 12




They're a curse!  I seem to spend more time, hot air and nervous energy on *bleep bleep* frames than on painting.

No-one seems to agree.  I get as many opinions as the number of people I ask. 

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Nov 9

Confidence and Celebdom

Confidence & Celebdom

Sports folk talk of confidence... being in the zone etc.  Good (=professional) sport is a creative act;.  You have to be something of an artist  to rise above the mediocre: to see the possibilities, then not just see them but have the gumption, presence of mind, to articulate them.  The same thing here, art might be a solitary occupation but except for the naive recluse cannot exist and prosper in isolation. 

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Oct 25


Jacobson once wrote somewhere about the inadequacy of photographs compared to painting. I'll try and extract the quotation from the midden heap which serves as my filing system.  Personally, with a few exceptions like Fay Godwin and Cartier Bresson (also check out Sarah Boait locally) - I seldom see a photograph that, as a work of art, is as moving as a bad painting.  And now, with the possibility of Photoshop type digitised corruption and manipulation, that respect has sunk even lower.   What purports to be real is in fact a construct, whereas in painting everyone knows it's a construct.  So what we see is the mind of the artist.

Oct 24


It seems that things are only of any worth if they are seen to be of worth by others, otherwise they exist like the tree that falls in the forest which no-one hears... does it really make any sound?

Oct 20

Howard Jacobson on the "Genius of British Art"

Howard Jacobson on the "Genius of British Art"

I cannot think of a better way of starting this, to begin with rather nerve-wracking stream of what I hope will be an occasional stream of consciousness, than by referring to this incisive and perceptive programme.  I have read Howard Jacobson’s musings many times before, never failing to be impressed.  It is rare indeed to find anyone whose thoughts so acutely mirror my own, and I am very grateful to him for voicing honest and straight-forward views on an area about which many men are uncomfortable.  If you haven’t seen it, try to catch this third Channel 4 film in the “Genius of British Art” series.

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