Mono Nude Standing, Oil on board 45 x 34cms

This painting is on show at the White Moose Gallery in Barnstaple from Thursday (4th) in a North Devon Arts group show.

A surprising example (for me at least) of an early stage in a painting which I decided to leave under the theory that 'less is more' (advice I usually find hard to follow).  It is therefore mainly a monochrome work and 'raw'.  Loving black & white photography, I felt it worked remarkably well.  Consequently it was submitted to The Royal Academy (for their 'Raw' summer show show a few years ago); needless to say rejected in preference to work much of which seemed to me to be trite, arch and not in the least raw.  Others twisted 'raw' to 'roar' and 'war' for example - literary games that, I have to say, leave me cold.

I liked the work so much that I gave it a splendid expensive frame. It is consequently quite heavy.