Sales to America, bartering in the UK, and the mysteries of local 'art' societies

 Portrait of a February girl
Oil on board 41x30cm.

I'm having to dismantle my studio in preparation for moving to a new one nearby and thus have a lot of old paintings to shift about. So, to sell three to an American collector in California, plus bartering three to a local firm for a new high-quality roof on the new studio is quite useful.

Also Sarah and I are revamping my Blog facility; once this is accomplished, I will post images of the 6 paintings involved.

Meantime, above is the latest painting rejected by the Westward Ho! & Bideford Art Society. I sometimes wonder if the people who sit in judgement on others think the definition of 'Art' is simply something they like and which fits in with their own particular prejudices? I should like to hear their honest definition of Art!